It was a beautiful night for a Cape League game.

The Kettleers were wearing red shirts for Red Shirt Friday in honor of the troops. They were ahead 7-0 at the end of the third inning but ended up losing to the Harwich Mariners at the end of the eighth inning when the game was called because of impending darkness.

Santa is being hauled around by a whale!

It is clear that our friends have green thumbs!

The town of Barnstable, along with the towns of Sandwich and Yarmouth, celebrated their 375th anniversary in 2014. In Barnstable, the giant sculpture rotated among various venues.

A number of historic homes along Main Street were bedecked with buntings and flags for Flag Day.

The steeple has been restored on the Mariners' Lodge.

The Cotuit Historical Society hosts their annual Strawberry Festival in early June. Their 1916 antique fire engine is on display on the lawn along with the town's modern engine. The Dottridge House and Fire Museum are open to the public. On the grounds there are are heirloom gardens.

Cotuit oysters are famous.

A maple tree has begun to shed its brilliant orange folliage on the lawn. On the day before Hurricane Sandy is scheduled to arrive, this is probably the last day that it will have any leaves at all.

Soft pink roses cover this fence.

The Cape League has been a starting point for many major league players. The Cotuit Kettleers are the oldest team in the league. A Cape League game is a wonderful way to spend a summer evening with just the pass of the hat as admission. Of course, there's nothing like a hot dog at a baseball game!

The Cotuit Arts Center just opened in 2003.

Outside, a man was painting the backdrop for an Edward Albee play.

The leaves are just beginning to come out on this willow tree.

A swan swims in the waters near Oregon Beach.

Cotuit has some beautiful contemporary homes along the waterfront.

Loop Beach seems to have more shells than most of the others I have visited. A local resident claims that it is the only beach on the Cape where conch can still be found.

While at Loop Beach, we were fascinated by the activities of this Golden Lab. At first we thought he was swimming, but he was actually walking around in the water. Every now and then, he'd put his head under the water. It turns out that he likes to hunt for conch and bring them ashore. Naturally, this is followed by a hearty shake.

In the village of Cotuit, you will find the Cahoon Museum, featuring the works of artist Ralph Cahoon who is best known for his whimsical primitive paintings of sailors and mermaids. The museum also features themed exhibits and local artists.

The Isaiah Thomas Book Store sells rare and unusual books.

The Cotuit Grocery Company is locally known as The Coop.

Here is a glimpse inside at their bakery.

Freedom Hall was built in 1860.

Next door is the Old Meeting House.

Cotuit Federated Church has a creche on its front lawn.

The Dottridge Homestead was built in 1808.

Behind it is the William Morse Fire Museum which houses the oldest fire engine on the Cape, dating back to 1916.

An arbor frames the doorway of this home.

Cotuit Library was established in 1874.

These boats are beached on Rope Beach in Cotuit. One of them is nearly full of slush.

Across from the beach is this unusual contemporary style home.

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