This photo of a stunning sunset was taken from the West Dennis side of the Bass River Bridge.

Two hundred flags flew for Veterans' Day at Johnny A. Kelly Recreational Center in honor of two hundred Cape Cod veterans who died in wars beginning with World War I.

The park was named in honor of the man who was twice an Olympic runner and ran in 61 Boston Marathons.

Dennis Braille Trail is part of the recreational center.

Across from the Village Green, a pair of Michael Magyar's giant angels heralds the season.

A nearly lifesize crèche graces the lawn in front of Dennis Union Church.

The bandstand is lit for the holidays.

A real estate office across the street is beautifully decorated for Christmas.

I think that if I were a bird, I would move right in.

Cape Abilities Farm provides employment opportunities for many people with disabilities.

The colors of these azaleas are a perfect complement to the flag out front.

The Josiah Dennis Manse was built in 1736 for the town's first minister after whom the town was named.

Dennis Historical Society held a Colonial Open House and welcomed visitors to the Manse. Inside were demonstrations of crewel rugs, weaving, embroidery and pie making, but photographs were not permitted.

On the lawn, children played games with hoops.

There were sheep and a spinning demonstration.

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In the back yard is an interpretive garden with herbs for cooking, household use, and medicinal purposes; flowers; and vegetables.

In the backyard they cooked a meal over the open fire and baked the pies that the women put together inside.

A woman dipped string into hot paraffin then alternately into water for it to cool, building up layers to make candles.

A stone weighs down the arm of the well.

On the grounds is the Old West School, built in 1745. Here the girls and boys from the area were taught in one room by a school master. Children from the age of six to about thirteen would learn to read and write, with the main purpose being to learn to read the bible. In the school are examples of various early school desks, a pot belly stove, lunch pails, slates and chalk, a Hornbook, and even a stool with a dunce cap in the corner.

Dennis Historical Society also maintains the Jericho Historical Center.

Despite its more commercial nature, some beautiful Victorian buildings remain along Route 28 in West Dennis. On the left is former home of Captain Luther Crowell, which then became Monatiquot Lodge. On the right is the former Grand Cove Inn.

Follins Pond is part of the Bass River Estuary System.

Pickerel Weed grows on the edge of Reservoir Pond and there is a trail nearby.

Hats are a whimsical topping for the fence posts of Scargo Manor.

The Red Pheasant is our favorite restaurant on the Cape. In the summer we enjoy sitting on the glassed-in porch overlooking the garden. In winter, there is always a cozy fire in the wide-pine-floored dining room.

The sign above the door of this home says "Meeting House" and it would appear to have been a former church.

This home makes good use of the hill on which it sits.

Marker buoys are ready for the upcoming season.

Two osprey sit in the nest atop a pole.

The mouth of the Swan Pond River was bustling with activity on this hot July afternoon.

These two men are leisurely kayaking on the river.

Mama duck and her ducklings enjoyed a swim on the river.

Beach grass grows on the dunes where the river meets the ocean.

The West Dennis Graded Schoolhouse was built in 1867. Note the two separate front entrances.

A windy April day brought kite surfers to West Dennis Beach.

This is a handful of the treasures that can be found on the beach, incuding slipper shells, cockle shells and jingles.

There is a row of houses along the shore.

The sun sank slowly into Nantucket Sound on a cold January day in Dennisport.

The popular Cape Cod Bracelet is made at Eden Hand Arts. People line up outside to be admitted to the tiny studio and shop, which are only open during the summer season.

We had the good fortune to discover Annie's Crannies while out looking for a cranberry harvest. Annie claims that her bogs, which formerly belonged to her grandfather, were the first commercially cultivated cranberries in 1816. She lovingly hand weeds her bogs. She uses the dry harvest method which produces cranberries which can be sold as fruit. She uses an old fashioned cranberry scoop along the edges. The leaves are removed in the separator and the cranberries are sorted on a conveyor belt.
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The chrysanthemums at Hart Farm were rich in color.

They had a display of brightly painted pumpkins.

A horse munches on grass near a rose covered fence.

Scargo Tower was built in 1902 and the tower and hillside were given to the town in 1929. After climbing the spiral staircase of the tower, you are rewarded with spectacular views of Scargo Lake and beyond it to Cape Cod Bay. We were able to spot both the power plant in Sandwich and Pilgrim Monument in Provincetown. In the distance in the opposite direction, we could even see Nantucket Sound.

We watched artisans at work at Scargo Pottery and enjoyed their whimsical birdhouse castles in the garden.
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Sesuit Harbor was frozen over in January, 2004. The boats were shrink wrapped to protect them from the winter.

Sesuit Harbor was a busy place on Labor Day.

Many people keep their boats stored on racks when they aren't using them.

We watched someone parasailing nearby.

Jacob Sears Memorial Library was built over 100 years ago.

The steeple of the Evangelical Free Church glows against the sky.

The sunlight was golden on the frozen Corporation Beach.

A warm Sunday in mid-September brought many people to Corporation Beach.

The colors of the sunset were vivid over Chapin Beach.

People took advantage of a warm September day to relax on Town Beach.

Dennis Village Green includes the Dennis Union Church, built in 1838, a gazebo where band concerts are held during the summer, and the firehouse which was originally the town's school.

Cape Playhouse is the oldest summer professional theater in America.

During intermission you can relax in the gazebo.

Sharing the grounds with the Playhouse are the Cape Cinema, where art films are shown, and The Cape Museum of Fine Arts.

Worden Hall Art Gallery in East Dennis was built in 1865 as a social hall.

Tobey Farm is a popular place for local produce and flowers. The Tobey family has lived in Dennis since the 1670's.

Autumn's harvest was plentiful at Tobey Farm.

The Harvest Moon shines over The Lighthouse Inn at West Dennis Beach. What appears to be a star over the Inn, is actually Mars. According to NASA, in 2003, when this picture was taken, Mars was only 35,000,000 miles away, its closest point to earth in over 60,000 years.

Eldred's is a world-renowned auction house for antiques.

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