Welcome to Harwich. Welcome to spring!

Wequassett Resort always has a beautiful floral display at their entrance.

The Cape Cod Rail Trail affords a beautiful view of the sunset on Pleasant Lake.

I have never seen another blinking stop sign like this one at the intersection of Route 39 and Pleasant Bay Road.

Some people are so clever! Jay Hannon took some surplus flip-flops and created a giant pair for the side of his barn.

He also has his own "Patriots Missile" in his side yard.

St. Peter's Lutheran Church is harnessing the power of the sun.

These red boats on Swan River were a bright spot on a grey day.

Kids have a wonderful time jumping on the trampolines.

A little redhead is helping her daddy to paint their house

The sign by the front door of Monahan's Jewelers declares that it is the oldest commercial building on Cape Cod. It has been in operation under five generations of the Monahan family since 1815.

Across the street is the Cape Cod Braided Rug Company with examples of their work hanging in the windows.

They just don't make signs like this one for Handkerchief Shoals Motel any more. The sign has since been replaced.

This cottage is typical Cape Cod architecture. Notice the starfish in the lites above the door.

Chase Free Library celebrated its 100th Anniversary in 2005.

This Victorian styled home, built in 1883, with gingerbread trim, is called The Gingerbread House.

The Augustus Snow House harkens back to the Victorian era.

Here's one Sundae School that kids are eager to attend regularly.
A catamaran sits on the sands of Wyndemere Bluff.

Most of the homes now being built on the Cape are year-round homes, unlike this cottage of yesteryear.
A colorful garden welcomes you to the center of town.

This marble carving marks the 300th anniversary of the town.

The First Congregational Church was built in 1747.

The cemetery behind the church holds some prominent former residents.

The former Brooks Academy now houses the Harwich Historical Society.

The First Baptist Church was the first Baptist church in the county.

This gravestone from 1858 points its occupant in the right direction.

Harwich Junior Theater offers classes and fine performances.

The Cape Cod Lavender Farm is a relaxing place to spend some time. I wish I were able to share the scent with you. Click the photo to see more of the farm.

Go-carts are fun for the whole family.

Dr. Gravity sells many colorful kites.

Boating is a popular passtime on Cape Cod. These boats are moored in Allen Harbor. Some boat owners show a sense of humor in naming their boats.

The Little Inn at Pleasant Bay has a very pleasant view across the street.
These Adirondack chairs look like a perfect place to relax.

The sand is very fine on the beach at Cockle Cove.
Bank Street Beach was a busy spot in the late afternoon on this early July day.

The soil in Herring River was dark black.

The lighting was perfect at Wixon's Dock.
Apparently this artist agreed.
The dock was given to the town for its commercial fishermen.
Fishing weirs are piled nearby.
Trinity Cove.

A view of Wychmere Harbor.

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