The irises are a mass of blue in front of St. Jude's Chapel.

The lawn of South Cape Village is filled with pumpkins for Halloween.

The daffodils are in full bloom at the Mashpee Rotary.

New Seabury is a community that was designed in the early 1960's. It includes many beautifully custom designed homes, a golf course, and Popponesset Inn and Marketplace.

The Cape Cod Children's Museum is a wonderful place for young children to play.

In early summer, Washburn's Pond is filled with waterlilies, reminiscent of the Monet painting.

Although Washburn's Pond is eutrifying, it beautifully reflected the early November sunset.

The Mashpee Rotary is aglow with white lights for the 2011 holiday season.

The Tribal Council has built a beautiful Community and Government Center.

Mashpee is the Land of the Wampanoags. Each year, on the 4th of July weekend, they hold a Pow Wow on the grounds of the Tribal Council. The Medicine Man lights the ceremonial fire, and the dancing and singing begin in celebration of their culture. Some of the rituals are sacred to the people as they give thanks to their Creator and to Mother Earth as well as paying homage to their ancestors and tribal leaders. Many of their native costumes have elaborate, colorful beadwork. The dancing is quite exciting to watch.

The tide was coming in on South Cape Beach.

One end of South Cape Beach is a State Park, the other is a town beach.

This lady's blue dress made a nice combination with the sky and the ocean.

These mollusks, commonly known as slipper shells, clung to a rock amidst the seaweed on South Cape Beach.

Bayberries are a fragrant, waxy berry that can be used to make candles and soap.

The Indian Meeting House was built in 1684 on Santuit Pond and later moved to its current location just off of Route 28. It is the oldest church building on the Cape.

This one room schoolhousewas built in 1831. The Mashpee Historical Society completed its renovation in the summer of 2003.

The bare branches of the trees are dramatic against the sunset.

Although it was just built in 1984, Christ the King Church is built in the classic New England style.

Veterans' Park was built recently in memory of fallen soldiers whose names are inscribed on the bricks surrounding the flag pole.

Each summer, Mashpee Commons sponsors a free concert by the Cape Cod Symphony called, "Mashpee Night at the Pops".

The neon necklaces glowed brightly as the vendor circulated among the crowd.

The trees of the Mashpee Rotary are lit for the 2004 holiday season.

To get the full effect of the 2014 edition of the decorations, you really need to click the picture and watch the video.

Here is the 2011 update for the same house.

The 2009 version of this house shows that they are still adding to their collection.

The 2003 decorations on this house appear to have been inspired by National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation.

This year, they have added to the display.

Not to be outdone, their next door neighbors have their own decorations.

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