This early morning photo of the airport really looks like it was taken out west.

The sun was really showing off over the horse farm and the airport on the first morning of summer.

The airport offered a spectacular view of the sunrise in mid-June of 2016.

This photo of Mystic Lake looks as if it were taken in black and white.

The Hood blimp is here in conjunction with the Cape Cod Canal 100th Anniversary celebration. This picture was taken shortly before dawn.

Later in the day, we watched it land…

…and take off again. Click for a video.

I like this combination of knapweed and Queen Ann's Lace.

The contrast between the flame colored lilies and the ripe blueberries was striking.

The pasture of Holly Hill Farm is covered with daisies.

We always enjoy seeing the horses at the Sherriff's Youth Ranch.

The winter sunset is beautiful over the snow-covered bog.

The unfrozen stream reflects the sunset.

While driving on Newtown Road, I noticed a bright yellow patch. Upon closer investigation, we discovered that it was part of a Community Garden.

The air was filled with the scent of wild roses and the buzz of dragonflies.

A farmer was mowing hay in an adjacent field.

Milkweed glowed in the sun like the filament of a light bulb.

This tree was bronzed in the sunlight.

The hydrangeas are magnificent this year.

The archway provides a peek at Shubael's Pond.

I think this house went a little over the top…and the sides and the front.

The new LED lights have an icy glow.

The day was perfect for picking pumpkins at Cob-Webb Farm. Click for a slideshow.

Cranberries are wet harvested for use in juice.

A row of rhododendrons provides a vibrant hedge along Race Lane.

A host of daffodils blooms along this stone wall.

This red house is reflected in the waters of Mill Pond.

A stone marks the site of Barnstable's first Fulling Mill, used in the processing of wool cloth.

There were no herring running on this day.

This tree, surrounded by smaller trees, looks like cotton candy beside the bog in Marstons Mills.

The vibrant color of this November sunset is reflected in Mystic Lake.

An enormous flag hangs from the side of this house for July Fourth.

The Sheriff's Youth Ranch is located in the village of Marstons Mills.

This Cremello Horse was very intrigued by the camera and seemed to pose to have his picture taken.

Cape Cod Airport reopened in the spring of 2004 after being purchased by the town.

We watched several small planes take off and land again at sunset.

The airport serves small private planes. Flight lessons and glider rides are offered. In the summer it is exciting to see blimps tethered here at night.

You can also ride in this reproduction of a 1937 biplane.

In the early summer, the airfield was a sea of daisies.

Liberty Hall is sometimes the site of folk music and other concerts.

The ice on Mystic Lake is glassy smooth.

This is one of many cranberry bogs on the Cape.

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