The day was perfect for painting on the beach.

A display of colorful buoys decorated MacMillan Wharf.

The tide was out when we visited the waterfront.

Each year in May, Race Point Light hosts an Open House. Volunteers in four-wheel-drive vehicles will drive you out to the lighthouse. Climbing to the top affords spectacular views. The light is powered by photovoltaic cells.
The lighthouse keeper's cottage and whistle house are available for rentals during the summer.

least ternScotch broom is a bright spot of color on the dunes.

My grandmother used to make delicious jelly from beach plums.

least ternA Least Tern, which is an endangered species, sits atop a nest in a protected area of Race Point Beach.

A front passing over the dunes is quite dramatic.

Provincetown is a colorful place any time, but especially after dark. MacMillan Wharf glows across the harbor.

The lights make a nice abstract pattern when slightly out of focus.

The monument stands out in the night sky.

The display in Cerutti's window is vibrant with color.

Provincetown is known for its local color.

The sands of the dunes are mixed with snow.

St. Peter's Church, dedicated in 1874, was destroyed by fire during the aftermath of the blizzard in January, 2005. The snow made it difficult for firefighters to reach the scene.

A new church has since been built and was dedicated on July 13, 2008. To see more of the dedication and the interior of the church, click the photo.

altar and stained glass windowThe altar is a large boulder and behind it, a stained glass window depicting Jesus walking on water.

Pilgrim Monument towers above the town of Provincetown.

The monument was lit up for the holidays.

Race Point Coast Guard Station is in the northernmost part of town.

Brightly colored flags hang above Commercial Street for the annual Blessing of the Fleet.

Colorful shops and galleries line the street. Here is a peek through the door of one of the art galleries.

There are also lovely old homes such as this one built by Sylvanus Cook.

You can catch a glimpse of the ocean past the yards.

Provincetown's public library has been housed in a lovely Victorian home.

It has since moved to a larger facility.

This house, just around the corner, has interesting gates and metal sculptures in the garden.

This building was built as a schoolhouse in 1844. Public radio station, WOMR is now housed here.

Many of the homes and inns in town are brightly painted and have interesting architectural details.

This rainbow banner is hung for the annual Carnival Weekend.

These boats are on Town Beach at low tide.

A wooden piling shows interesting texture.
Here is a view of the monument through rocks on the beach.

These two sisters, painting on MacMillan Wharf, are art students at Rhode Island School of Design.

Provincetown has long been known as an artist colony. The lawn of the Provincetown Art Museum was once filled with sculptures. Since this photo was taken, the museum has undertaken a large construction project for a new addition.

This one is quite whimsical.

Fishing is another major source of income here.

"They Also Faced the Sea" is an exhibit of photographs of the wives of Portuguese fishermen.

Whale watches depart from Provincetown.

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