Men's Pledge To End Rape

I believe that rape will not end until men become part of the solution:
I take pride in myself as a man;
I care about the women in my life;
I am angry that people I know have been hurt;
I know that more than one woman is raped every minute in this country;
I understand that rape is a crime of violence against a woman's body, a woman's emotional
 well-being, and a woman's right to do with their bodies what they choose;
I recognize that men and women will not be equal until rape ends;
I know that happiness between men and women is difficult in a world where rape exists;
I accept my responsibility to assist in making this a safer world.

I Pledge To:
Speak about my anger about rape;
Talk with other men about rape;
Look at how men are raised that helps create and perpetuate a culture
  where rape is possible;
Interrupt sexist and rape jokes;
Support laws that encourage men to take responsibility for ending rape;
Listen to women friend's fears and concerns for their safety;
Pay attention to cries for help;
Challenge images of violence against women in advertising and pornography;
Encourage women to be strong and powerful;
Recognize that cooperation is power;
Examine my behaviors and actions and change whatever I am doing that helps create a climate
  where rape is possible;
Support women and men working to end rape.

Originally from the California Anti-Sexist Men's Political Caucus
Updated/edited by The Clothesline Project (8/99)

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