We visited Chequessett Chocolate.

They import fair trade beans from the Dominican Republic, Costa Rica, Belize and Bolivia.

The beans go through a special winnowing machine to separate the shells from the nibs. They are roasted and ground.

They are tempered for several days to prevent bloom from developing on the bars.

Finally, the chocolate is put into various molds and wrapped.

Samples are available to taste.

The day was grey but the sunset was spectacular. The cottages are silhouetted against the sky.

Looking across Provincetown Harbor, you can see Pilgrim Monument lit up.

Truro's Agricultural Fair was an old-fashioned local event with locally grown produce and livestock with entertainment by local bands.

There was a pie baking contest and a pie eating contest for the kids as well as adults.

When we returned to our car, I spotted this view of the Pamet River.

On a rare lovely day in June, Truro Vineyards was host of A Taste of Truro, one of the events in 2009 to celebrate Truro's tricentennial.

The event featured local artisans, restaurants and caterers, and entertainment by Toast and Jam.

A good time was had by all.

The grapes were just beginning to form on the young vines.

This tree, which stood in front of the farmhouse, has a very intriguing shape and was coated with yellow lichen.

We had previously visited the vineyard during the fall and photographed the mature grapes.

We pulled off the road on our way home from Provincetown to capture this sunset.

This field of purple lupine and white daisies grew along Route 6.

On Corn Hill the pilgrims found a cache of corn which saved them from starving. It was later the site of an early flight.

Cobb Memorial Library was built in 1912.

Castle Hill is the performing arts center of Truro.

A row of identical cottages lines the waterfront. Each cottage bears the name of a different flower.

This photo of them is taken from the beach.

Pampas grass grows in the marsh by the side of the road.
The Winterberry is colorful against the sky.
From the top of the hill you can look back and see Provincetown.
You can also get a good view of the dunes for which Truro is noted.
A cement bridge crosses over the marsh.
This motel is closed for the off-season, but its deck still affords a lovely view.
This map at Pilgrim Springs shows where the pilgrims first landed.
Highland Light picks up the color of the sun as it is setting.
In 1996 the lighthouse was moved back from its original location due to erosion.
From the lighthouse, the U.S. Air Force Station looks like a giant golf ball.
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