Craigville Beach is a favorite mid-Cape beach.

These power lines at dawn offer an interesting perspective.

I somehow expected the sunset at Craigville Beach to be over the ocean. Nevertheless, it was beautiful over the parking lot.

I love the way the sunset is reflected in the water and the purple flowers are the color of the clouds.

The saying goes, "Red sky in the morning, sailors take warning", but the sky is bright, blue, and beautiful now. Mark Twain, however, said, "If you don't like the weather now, wait a minute".

Bright tulips welcome you to Centerville on Old Stage Road.

The trees along Old Stage Road are frosted with snow.

This is not the type of light display that I would expect to see along the Centerville River.

My husband saw this amazing sunrise along Route 28 on his way to work.

The dramatic sky is reflected in Lake Wequaquet. What looks like a duck floating on the water is actually a seagull.

Until recently, I never really thought about cranberries having flowers, but, although tiny, they are quite pretty.

The bog is surrounded with birdhouses in an effort to control the insect population.

Bog owners rent beehives to assure the pollination of the plants. Both honeybees and bumblebees are useful for this purpose.

Centerville River...

...meets East Bay.

Local businesses often care for traffic islands on nearby streetcorners. I think that Coachlight Carpets does an especially nice job at the intersection of Old Stage Road and Route 28.

These Black-eyed Susans provide a bright spot of color along Route 28.

Centerville's Lake Wequaquet is the largest lake on Cape Cod, big enough for larger boats.

This round house is especially unusual.

Saint George Greek Orthodox Church is the most unusual church building on the Cape. After seeing its contemporary exterior, I was amazed to discover the traditional Byzantine interior of this church.

The church hosts a Greek festival every year in mid-July.

The crocuses were in bloom on Easter Sunday afternoon, welcoming people to the village of Centerville.

Craigville Beach is one of the most popular beaches on the Cape.

The Barnacle, just across the street, has offered refreshments to beachgoers since 1951.

These girls are having a wonderful time running on Craigville Beach on a warm day in early March. The lifeguard's chair is the perfect place to get a great view.

This dog is enjoying an off-season romp on the beach.

The March breezes are perfect for flying a kite on the beach.

Senator Kennedy was sometimes seen attending Our Lady of Victory Church.

On warm summer evenings, there are lines of people waiting to eat delicious home made Four Seas ice cream.

Four Seas is closed during the off-season from about Columbus Day to Memorial Day.

The 1856 Country Store is better known to local kids as, "The Penny Candy Store".

Centerville Historical Society displays period costumes and furniture.

Fernbrook Estates was once the home of the inventor of Technicolor.

Snowdrops in bloom in the front yard of a home on Main Street in Centerville are always one of the earliest signs that spring is on its way.

There is a Civil War monument as well as monuments for both World Wars at Centerville Five Corners.

The houses and other buildings on Main Street in the village of Centerville were all decorated with white lights for their annual Christmas Stroll.

These mallards are sitting by the edge of a cranberry bog.

A junco and a female downy woodpecker are perched in a tree waiting for the opportunity to visit a nearby feeder.

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