The Fourth of July Parade in Osterville goes past the Wianno Club. Joining in the parade were kids on foot and on bicycles. Golf carts were decorated as floats. Click to see a slide show of the event.

This home was decorated for the Fourth.

I went for a walk in Osterville and saw many lovely gardens.

Wianno Golf Course overlooks this serene scene on Parker Pond.

The village is aglow with holiday lights.

Osterville Rotary Club sponsors an annual Halloween Parade. Click for a more photos of the event.

Built in 1915, Osterville Bay School was the oldest school building still in operation on the Cape until June of 2008. Each morning a student was selected to pull the rope to ring the bell for the start of school.

The driveway of the Osterville United Methodist Church is lined with lovely Bartlett Pear trees.

Armstrong-Kelley Park in Osterville is the oldest and largest privately owned park on the Cape.

The gardens are lovingly maintained by members of the Cape Cod Horticultural Society.

Each fall, kindergarten students from Osterville Elementary School plant a class garden of daffodils in the park. They return in the spring to see their bulbs in bloom.

A walkway called The Garden of Verses leads to a wooden train, built in memory of a little boy named Liam.

The Grumpy Old Men maintain hives with 400,000 bees to pollenate the flowers and to provide honey which is sold in the fall to help support the park.

This garden is all in blue with forget-me-nots.

Nearby is another garden with bleeding hearts and columbine.

Goldfish swim in an aquatic garden.

There is also a collection of unusual trees, such as this flowering Umbrella Tree.

Cape Cod Academy held an Open House in their new Science Building. The focal point of the new facility is this Foucault Pendulum, which hangs over a satellite photo of Cape Cod.

Fancy's Market is ready with a rainbow of flowers for Memorial Day.

Fancy's had a bright array of fall produce.

Wimpys has been serving the Osterville crowd since 1938.

A chipmunk is helping himself to a drink from their waterfall.

This hawk watched over Field Day at Osterville Elementary School.
Young children enjoy playing by the water's edge at Dowses Beach.

This lovely home is a former Designer Showhouse.

This home looks festive for the season.

We visted the village of Osterville during a snowfall and took photographs of some of the designer shops that were beautifully decorated for the holidays.

A creche stands on the island in the center of the street across from Osterville Baptist Church.

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