Makes a great gift?

Doug Pacheco repairs and refurbishes antique wood and coal stoves in the Barnstable Stove Shop.

Vines have entwined their way through this antique bell.

This majestic blue spruce stands in front of West Parish Church.

This giant lights the way to the Lion and Lamb Inn.

There is just one piper piping on this lawn.

West Barnstable train depot is outlined with colored lights and the red caboose out back is traced in white.

Two of Michael Magyar's giants have made their way to West Barnstable. Lady Justice balances her scales in front of an attorney's office and St. Lucia brings the gift of light to First Lutheran Church.

It's sometimes fun to return to see how lighting displays evolve over the years. The picture below is from 2008, this one is from 2012.

This colorful Christmas display is uncharacteristic of the classic style of Route 6A.

Looking down this country lane, you can see a few cranberries still floating on the bog.

A rainbow of tulips grows along this stone wall.

Ojala Farms sells delicious homemade pies. A ceramic pie and bird sit atop the sign.

This stone is a monument to the people from West Barnstable who died in the Revolution, the War of 1812, the Civil War, and World War I.

Wheldon Library was built in 1890. Two wings have been added to the original building.

Crocuses dot the lawn of this home.

This barn has a ramp for livestock to enter the second story.

Purple and white crocuses carpet this area.

Daylilies bloom along this stone wall.

We took a ride down a dirt road and saw this birdhouse in a field.

West Barnstable was known for producing bricks in the late 19th and early 20th centuries.

The former Selectmen's Building is now an art gallery.

This hill of daffodils is on Route 6A in West Barnstable near the intersection with Route 132.

West Parish Congregational Church is in the village of West Barnstable.

It is better known as the Rooster Church because of the weathervane on its steeple.

Our Lady of Hope is the chapel of Our Lady of Victory Church in Centerville.

This old sheep farm has beautiful stone walls with a sheep gate. There is also a sheep weathervane on the roof.

The train still passes by the West Barnstable Depot.

An assortment of bric-a-brac is found at West Barnstable Trading Company.

Local residents can obtain an associate's degree from Cape Cod Community College. Other universities also offer graduate courses on the campus.

The college sponsored an exhibit by The Clothesline Project, an organization founded here on the Cape by Carol Chichetto and now found worldwide. Its purpose is to educate people about domestic violence.

The annual Multicultural Festival with demonstrations of ethnic music, dance and crafts was held at Cape Cod Community College. Countries from every continent except Antarctica were represented.

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